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Flame Retardant Office Carpet of Nylon Wall to wall Carpet

In offices, office buildings and various commercial places, carpet plays an important role. wall to wall carpet can not only provide comfortable foot feeling and elegant visual effect, but also can improve the quality and atmosphere of the whole place. However, when choosing a carpet, we should not only consider the aesthetics, but also need to pay attention to fire safety. This article will introduce the office carpet with flame retardant function, and focus on its scope of application, brand characteristics and flame retardant performance.

First, the characteristics of office carpet

qianqiao wall-to-wall carpet is a carpet made of nylon, which has the following characteristics:

1. High quality assurance: Nylon material ensures the durability and comfort of the carpet, which can withstand high-intensity use.

2. Safe and fireproof: Class B1 fireproof certification makes this carpet more safe and reliable during use.

3. Beautiful and comfortable: The full carpet paving method provides a more beautiful and comfortable experience for hotel rooms and corridors.

The characteristics of nylon printed carpet: fire retardant, smooth surface, full pile, high color fastness, waterproof, anti-moth, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, anti-static, wear-resistant, flexible pattern customization, high-definition resolution, 32 colors Inkjet printing, three-dimensional cut flowers, no shrinkage, to meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent.

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