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Office building carpet selection strategy

As an important part of decoration materials, the choice of carpet is crucial to the overall atmosphere and comfort of an office building. This article will introduce you to the selection strategy of office building carpets, hoping to provide you with knowledge and guidance in purchasing office building carpets.

When choosing an office building rug, there are some important details that are often overlooked. Here are some notable details

The color of the carpet should match the overall decoration style of the office building to create a unified and harmonious visual effect.

The material of the carpet should be wear-resistant, easy to clean and antibacterial for long-term use and maintenance.

The thickness of the carpet should be selected according to the required sound insulation and comfort of the floor.

Measure and determine the required carpet area in advance to avoid waste or shortage.

Office carpets are generally made of natural and synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and wool, and are made by high-pressure hot pressing and computer looms. This kind of carpet not only has good anti-slip, sound insulation, heat preservation and anti-fouling properties, but also has a good shock absorption effect, making people feel more stable and comfortable when walking in the office.

The thickness of the office carpet is generally selected between 8mm and 12mm. This thickness can not only avoid excessive compaction of the carpet, but also increase its shock absorption effect and skin-friendly feeling, so that users can walk and rest more comfortably.

1. Carpet tiles, carpet tiles have the advantages of small size, convenient transportation and installation, sound absorption and noise reduction, heat preservation, fire retardant, environmental protection, and easy cleaning.

2. Nylon printed carpet is a flame-retardant carpet that can pass the fire. The printed carpet is made of nylon, wool blended, polyester, etc. The characteristics of nylon printed carpet: fire retardant, smooth surface, full pile, high color fastness, waterproof, anti-moth, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, anti-static, wear-resistant, flexible pattern customization, high-definition resolution, 32 colors Inkjet printing, cheap price, three-dimensional cut flowers, no shrinkage, to meet the individual needs of customers to the greatest extent

3. The machine-made Axminster carpet has a smooth and full carpet surface, a magnificent style, and good flame-retardant performance. It has reached the B1 level of the national fire detection test and reached the international commercial heavyweight carpet standard. It has excellent appearance retention, durability, stability, comfort and is built to last. Flexible production, rich varieties, complete styles, affordable, rich appearance, high elasticity, large output, wide application, environmental protection and durability.

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