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Advantages and features of wall to wall carpet

wall to wall carpet is a kind of carpet laying method that we often see in our life. It refers to a carpet that covers the entire space area. According to its material, we can divide it into: handmade carpets, velvet carpets, and Akmin carpets. Ruster carpets and several other categories.

Features of wall-to-wall carpets:

Handmade carpet: The fiber of handmade carpet is made of natural fiber and artificially woven. It is characterized by elasticity and good air permeability, and its pattern has strong three-dimensional performance. It belongs to carpet and is more suitable for laying in living rooms, guest rooms and some receptions. area etc.

Tufted carpet: The most striking feature of the Tufted carpet is that the pattern performance is relatively strong, full of modern feeling, and the color is bright. Carpet patterns are more suitable for embossing techniques, more vivid, and generally more suitable for offices, hotels and other places.

Axminster carpet: It has rich and colorful patterns and special weaving technology, so the carpet has better stability and is not easy to deform. It is more suitable for laying in public areas such as lobby, banquet hall and some corridors. It is a good choice .

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