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Axminster carpet printing patterns are flexible and changeable

The yarn raw materials used in the Axminster series of carpets are: high-quality New Zealand wool and American Solutia 66 nylon.Axminster series carpet printing patterns are flexible and changeable, and are not limited by color and order quantity. It can respond quickly from the production of model rooms to the production of orders, and the delivery time of Axmins carpet products is greatly shortened.

The combination of the three-dimensional crimp characteristics of wool in Axminster carpet yarns and the high strength of 66 nylon fibers makes the carpet surface have good twist retention characteristics and good resilience. These properties enable the carpet to withstand day after day of trampling, while still having unparalleled appearance retention, and the carpet can be guaranteed to be effectively used for 8-10 years.

Axminster carpets are clean, clean and low in lanolin (less than 0.5%), so they are inherently low stain pick-up.

Our company uses the 25DIP high-definition printing machine produced by the Austrian Zimmer company to produce the Axminster series products, which have the characteristics of high printing definition, bright colors and high pattern sharpness.

Axminster carpets are printed in rich colors, lifelike, atmospheric and thick. New Zealand wool has good strength, uniform quality, does not contain black fibers, and has excellent natural color. The unique chemical structure of wool ensures that the color enters the center of the fiber and is locked by molecules. It has excellent dyeing performance and can be dyed bright and clear. light shades.

Axminster carpets have natural flame retardant properties. Because of their high ignition point, they are difficult to ignite and can be extinguished by themselves. Has very low flame spread, low heat release and low heat combustion. After burning, it forms a layer of heat-insulating cold coke and can extinguish itself, producing low smoke and toxic gases. The carpet fire protection standard reaches Bf1 level, and can be laid in any flame-retardant area with strict requirements.

The unique blue encrypted blanket back of Axminster series carpets has undergone special waterproof treatment, and the bottom back has excellent waterproof performance, so that it can block a large amount of water on the back of the blanket after normal cleaning, and it is easy for the water to evaporate quickly. Daily use It can block the infiltration of underground lake air and balance indoor humidity for a long time.

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