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Advantages of carpeting in billiard halls

1. Provide a comfortable environment. The billiard hall is a place for people to relax and entertain. Laying carpets can provide a more comfortable sense of solidity and make customers more relaxed during the game.

2. Reduce the noise, the billiard ball will produce a loud impact and rolling sound. Laying carpet can effectively absorb sound, reduce the transmission of noise, and reduce the disturbance to the surrounding environment and other customers.

3. To improve safety, the carpet has good anti-slip properties, especially in sports venues such as billiard halls. Carpeting increases safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls.

4. To protect the tabletop laying, the carpet can effectively protect the billiard tabletop from scratches and damage, prolong the service life, and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

5. Easy to clean and maintain. Choosing the right carpet material can facilitate cleaning and maintenance and reduce operating costs.

6. Upgrading the grade can enhance the overall brand image of the billiard hall and attract more potential customers.

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