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What kind of carpet is used in the hotel

Hotel Carpet is a kind of hotel indoor flooring fabric with both use value and appreciation value. Laying carpets in the hotel room not only has the excellent characteristics of heat insulation, moisturizing, noise prevention, and comfortable walking, but also can form a rich, elegant and gorgeous room environment atmosphere that cannot be replaced by other decorative materials. At present, carpets have become indispensable in hotel rooms. It is also the main content of hotel interior soft decoration.

Hotel carpets are mainly made of fibers such as wool, cotton, hemp, silk, and chemical fibers. The fiber density is the main criterion for determining the quality of carpets. There are different classifications of carpets:

Pure wool hotel carpets Pure wool carpets are usually called "pure wool carpets". They are elastic, not easy to deform, and have good heat insulation and are not easy to be burned. The former is strong in craftsmanship and the price is more expensive, while the latter is cheap. Its weight is about 1.6-2.6 kg per square meter. Loved by people, the general family uses machine-made wool carpets

Blended hotel carpets There are many varieties of blended carpets, often blended with wool fibers and various synthetic fibers. For example, adding 20% nylon fibers to wool fibers can increase the wear resistance by 5 times. The most notable feature of the blended carpet is its resistance to insects and corrosion. It is much superior to woolen carpets, and blended carpets are mostly used in room decoration.

Chemical fiber carpets are made of medium-length chemical fibers such as cotton, polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, etc. Its appearance and feel are very similar to wool, wear-resistant and elastic. After special treatment, it can be fire-proof, anti-fouling, anti-static, anti-insect and so on. The advantages of pure wool carpets are basically possessed by chemical fiber carpets, and the shortcomings of pure wool carpets can be overcome by chemical fiber carpets. In addition, chemical fiber carpets have various colors and varieties, and the price is far lower than that of pure wool carpets. Therefore, chemical fiber carpets are used more in the living room. This kind of carpet is made of chemical fibers, which should meet environmental protection requirements. Look for environmental protection signs. to use.

Plastic hotel carpet is a new type of lightweight carpet made of polyoxyethylene resin, plasticizer and other auxiliary materials, which are uniformly mixed and molded. It has the characteristics of soft texture, bright color, comfortable and durable, non-combustible, and can be washed with water after pollution. It is often laid on corridors or balconies in the living room. Because of its low grade, it is not suitable for use in the living room and bedroom. These should be taken into consideration when designing the hotel.

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