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​Wall to wall carpet also known as fitted carpet or broadloom carpet

Wall to wall carpet, also known as fitted carpet or broadloom carpet, is a type of flooring that covers a large area of floor space with few or one piece of carpet. It is different from other types of carpets, such as rugs or carpet tiles, that are laid out in smaller pieces. Wall to wall carpet creates a seamless and cozy look for any room, and has many benefits and advantages over other flooring options.

One of the main benefits of wall to wall carpet is that it is a natural insulator. It prevents warm and cool air from escaping, and absorbs sound. This can help you save energy and reduce noise in your home. Wall to wall carpet also provides a soft and comfortable surface for your feet, and can prevent slips and falls, especially for children and elderly people. Wall to wall carpet can also enhance the aesthetic and atmosphere of your room, as it comes in various colors, patterns, and textures to suit your style and mood.

Another benefit of wall to wall carpet is that it is easy to install and maintain. You can install wall to wall carpet yourself, or hire a professional to do it for you.You also need to make sure the surface to be carpeted is smooth and clean, and remove any furniture or obstacles. You can then lay the carpet on the floor, cut it to fit the edges, and secure it with glue or nails. To maintain wall to wall carpet, you just need to vacuum it regularly, and have it deep cleaned by a professional every 12 to 18 months.

Wall to wall carpet is a popular and affordable flooring option for many homeowners. It has been around since the 1930s, and accounts for half of all the flooring sold in America. Most of the carpet is made in America too, mainly in Dalton, Georgia, where the industry began. Most of the carpet is tufted, which means the fibers are inserted into a backing material with needles. Some of the carpet is woven on looms, which creates a tighter and more durable construction.

Wall to wall carpet has many types and styles to choose from, depending on the materials and construction. Some of the common types are:

•  Cut pile: The fibers are cut at the top, creating a soft and smooth surface. Cut pile carpets can be plush, textured, saxony, or frieze.

•  Loop pile: The fibers are looped at the top, creating a nubby and resilient surface. Loop pile carpets can be level loop, multi-level loop, or berber.

•  Cut-and-loop pile: The fibers are both cut and looped at the top, creating a sculpted and patterned surface. Cut-and-loop pile carpets can be velvet, cable, or shag.

Wall to wall carpet can be made from natural or synthetic fibers, or a blend of both. Some of the common fibers are:

•  Wool: A natural fiber that is soft, warm, and durable. Wool carpets are luxurious and eco-friendly, but also expensive and prone to fading.

•  Nylon: A synthetic fiber that is strong, resilient, and stain-resistant. Nylon carpets are versatile and affordable, but also prone to static electricity.

•  Polyester: A synthetic fiber that is soft, colorful, and stain-resistant. Polyester carpets are budget-friendly and eco-friendly (if made from recycled materials), but also prone to matting and shedding.

•  Olefin: A synthetic fiber that is moisture-resistant, mold-resistant, and fade-resistant. Olefin carpets are suitable for outdoor use or high-traffic areas, but also prone to crushing and oil stains.

Wall to wall carpet is a great option for covering large areas of floor space with a cozy and comfortable surface. It has many benefits such as insulation,sound absorption,and safety.

It also has many types and styles to choose from,such as cut pile,loop pile,cut-and-loop pile,wool,nylon,polyester,and olefin.If you wantto learn more about wallto wall carpet,please check our website.

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