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PU or PVC backing with carpet

PU backing carpet tiles

PU backing carpet tile products have the characteristics of comfort, energy saving, environmental protection, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-slip and other characteristics.

Comfort: Highly elastic PU soft sole, ergonomically chosen, comfortable on the feet. Compared with other carpets with backing, PU soft sole can reduce muscle fatigue by 20-30%.

Environmental protection: Use pure PU backing carpet, which contains absolutely no asphalt, will not release harmful substances that affect human health, will not emit unpleasant odors, and always keep the indoor air fresh.

Thermal insulation: Compared with other backings, PU backing have the lowest thermal conductivity and can maintain heat at 2-3°C, achieving good energy-saving effects.

Sound insulation: Due to the presence of air in the foam layer, the PU soft backing improves the sound insulation performance of the carpet, which is better than any other backing carpet.

Anti-slip: There will be no accidental falls caused by weak carpet bonding, and it is extremely safe.

PVC backing carpet tile products are soft, elastic, resistant to bending and durable.

PU or PVC backing with carpet.webp

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