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Carpet tiles have become the mainstream office carpet of choice

How to choose an office carpet, first of all, we need to understand the conventional product types on the market.

The first is the conventional full carpet

Carpet width: 4 meters x roll length, can be cut according to holiday needs. It is generally used in hotels, guest rooms, KTV, corridors, public areas with relatively large flow of people, etc. Common blankets include polypropylene, nylon, and wool blends. Most of the backs are gauze backs, bonded with styrene-butadiene glue. After drying in a high-temperature oven, it was qualitatively determined.

The second is the now popular carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are very popular in offices, computer rooms and other places due to their simple and convenient laying method and compact shape. The specifications of square carpets are relatively small, generally 50cm*50cm or 60cm*60cm, and the ground is laid by a large number of splicing, so it is also called patchwork carpets. Carpet tiles are generally divided into PVC tiles and asphalt tiles. The size is 50*50cm 25*100cm and other carton packaging, and the number of squares varies with the size of the carton, which is basically between 5 square and 8 square.

The name of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, which is a non-toxic, odorless white powder. High stability, strong plasticity and other characteristics. The PVC bottom is soft and elastic, so the PVC bottom is resistant to kneading and has better toughness. Odorless, clean and hygienic. The asphalt bottom is more environmentally friendly, but its service life is relatively short and it is easy to break. Because asphalt can be recycled and reused, 90% of Europeans choose environmentally friendly asphalt tiles. Because asphalt sources are widely recycled, the price of asphalt tiles is relatively cheap compared to PVC

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