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singapore changi airport

Category : Transportation

Product: Custom Design,Printed Nylon Carpet Tile 50x50cm.

Installation Area: New Terminal-10,000 square meters

Easy installation: Carpet tile is easier to install than standard broadloom carpet, as it is smaller, lighter, and easier to move. It does not require glue or nails, and can be installed over any type of subfloor

•  Easy maintenance: Carpet tile is easier to clean and maintain than broadloom carpet, as it can be vacuumed or washed individually. It can also be easily replaced if it gets damaged or stained, without affecting the rest of the floor

•  Design flexibility: Carpet tile offers more design flexibility than broadloom carpet, as it can feature up to 32 colors and various patterns, from floral to geometric

•  Comfort and well-being: Carpet tile provides comfort and well-being for the airport users, as it is soft and pleasant to walk on, especially with bare feet. 

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