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What kind of material is good for hotel corridor carpets

What kind of material is best for hotel corridor carpets? There are many kinds of materials for hotel corridor carpets, and different materials have different characteristics. How can a hotel choose a suitable corridor carpet when choosing a corridor carpet? Let’s learn it with the editor below.

First of all, let's first understand what are the materials of the hotel corridor carpet? According to the hotel grade, five-star hotels generally use handmade carpets or high-end machine-made carpets, chain express hotel corridor carpets generally use economical and practical nylon carpets or wool blended carpets, and ordinary hotels can use cheap polypropylene tufted carpets. When choosing a corridor carpet material, you should choose the appropriate carpet material according to your specific needs and budget.

When choosing carpets for five-star hotel corridors, they will take into account the performance of large traffic, roller skating resistance, easy cleaning, fire and flame retardancy, antistatic performance, oil resistance and color firmness, and generally use high-quality carpets. Pure wool handmade rugs or high-end machine-made Axminster rugs

Hand-made carpets are also made of pure wool and silk. After more than ten processes, such as pattern design, color matching, yarn dyeing, hanging cloth, hand-made gun stabbing, gluing, hanging base cloth, flat blanket, piece blanket, blanket washing, back-leveling, and trimming, etc. It is processed through several processes. The carpet pile yarn is artificially implanted on the special tire cloth by hand, and various color threads are combined into exquisite patterns. Then apply glue on the back of the blanket, attach the base fabric, and wrap the edges by hand. There can also be more than a dozen or twenty kinds of patterns and colors, and it takes about one or two months to make. The precision and service life are less than that of pure handmade blankets.

The high-grade machine-made Axminster carpet has a smooth and full carpet surface, a magnificent style, and good flame-retardant performance. It has reached the B1 level of the national fire detection test and reached the international commercial heavyweight carpet standard. It has excellent appearance retention, durability, stability, comfort and is built to last. Flexible production, rich varieties, complete styles, affordable, rich appearance, high elasticity, largest output, widest application, environmental protection and durability.

Corridor carpets of chain express hotels generally use printed carpets, which are made of 100% nylon, wool blended, polyester, etc. The characteristics of nylon printed carpet: fire retardant, smooth surface, full pile, high color fastness, waterproof, anti-moth, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant, anti-static, wear-resistant, flexible pattern customization, high-definition resolution, 32 colors Inkjet printing, cheap, can be cut three-dimensionally, never shrinks, and can meet the personalized needs of customers to the greatest extent.

Ordinary hotels will use affordable polypropylene tufted carpets. Polypropylene carpets have the advantages of low cost, strong modern patterns, elegant colors, rich varieties, and full piles. They are suitable for meeting rooms, apartments, hotel rooms and other places. The disadvantage is that it is not flame retardant and the minimum order quantity is high.

To sum up, when choosing corridor carpets in different places, you should choose the right carpet according to the characteristics of the carpet material and your own needs!

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