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Upholstery for Commercial Hotel Custom Floor Carpet

Category : Wall To Wall Carpet
Product NameUpholstery for Commercial Hotel Custom Floor Carpet 
Yarn Fiber:80% NZ Wool and 20% Solutia Nylon
Color No.:Max. 16 colors as approval, 2 stocked sets 18 colors/set
Pitch:7 per inch7 per inch7 per inch7 per inch
Rows:7 per inch8 per inch9 per inch10 per inch
Tuft Density:49 per inch56 per inch63 per inch70 per inch
Yarn Count:2/47's Dewsbury – 660/2 Tex
Pile Height:7mm +/- 0.5mm7mm +/- 0.5mm7mm +/- 0.5mm7mm +/- 0.5mm
Total Height:9mm +/- 0.5mm9mm +/- 0.5mm9mm +/- 0.5mm9mm +/- 0.5mm
Pile Weight:28.4oz/sq.yd32.5oz/sq.yd36.5oz/sq.yd40.0oz/sq.yd
Total Weight:63.9oz/sq.yd68.0oz/sq.yd74.0oz/sq.yd78.5oz/sq.yd
Backing:Polyester, Jute/PP, Constructive BASF Latex
Permanent Antistatic:≤3.5KV≤3.5KV≤3.5KV≤3.5KV
Fire Rating:Passed Bf1-s1, t1Passed Bf1-s1, t1
Suitability:Medium Contract UseHeavy Contract Use

This Upholstery for Commercial Hotel Custom Floor Carpet is Easy to clean,Dry quickly,Good wearability,Launder well Juet backing is not shrink ,strong power Antistactic, Anti-bacterial, mildew proof, kindly to child  Waterproof, oil-proof and stain resistance.

5-6 class color fastness according to the UK lab test With good quality underlay, when you walking there, you will feel comfortable.

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