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Synthetic Fiber Carpet Padding

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Synthetic Carpet Pad is made from assorted small fibers pressed into a thin roll of fiber material. There are a several thicknesses available for different applications. We carry all the various synthetic carpet pads available for any application, and can offer quantity discounts.

If you need assistance in choosing the best carpet pad for your application then you definately should give us a call.

• recommended carpet pad for all commercial use

• constructed to resist moisture and mildew, allowing installation below grade

• superior strength to retain its density and resist bread down from moisture and wear

• offers greater resiliency than natural fiber cushions to enhance life of carpet and effectiveness of vacuum cleaning

• provides added thermal and accoustical insulation for improved guest satisfaction

• allows ease of carpet maintenance and the use of wet cleaning methods

• protects the carpet from delaminating

• provides more comfort underfoot than direct glue down installations

• non-allergenic, odorless

• slick surface for ease of carpet installation

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