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Nine essentials for hotel carpet purchase

1. Style: Hotel decoration has style restrictions. When purchasing hotel carpets, the hotel decoration style should be considered. It cannot be a Chinese hotel but choose a Mediterranean carpet style.

2. Standards: As the saying goes, star hotels, hotels with different star ratings have different decoration requirements, and hotel carpets must also conform to its signs.

3. Function: The hotel carpet should be selected according to the function. Different functions have different requirements for the carpet material, which should be paid attention to.

4. Area: Different areas have different requirements for carpets. For example, the kitchen should choose a carpet with strong water absorption, and the bedroom should choose a warm and comfortable carpet.

5. Beautiful: The carpet is an important part of the soft decoration, and it has a great decorative effect. The beautiful carpet will make people linger, and it is more romantic under the matching of lights.

6. Comfort: The hotel is a place for people to rest and eat for a short time. If the comfort is not enough, the guests will not turn back, so try to choose a carpet with strong comfort.

7. Material: Carpet materials are different, giving people different feelings. The people living in the hotel are short-lived. Wool carpets are not suitable, too expensive, and it is inconvenient to clean.

8. Pattern: As mentioned earlier, the pattern design of the carpet is also an image description for the grade of the hotel. You can choose a carpet with soft colors and auspicious patterns, which also has a good meaning.

9. Economy: Although there are many things to pay attention to in hotel carpets, economic benefits are the most fundamental, and shopping around is indispensable. This depends on whether the hotel operator can notice it!

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