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How to choose the dining room carpet

With the development of tourism, the layout of restaurant venues has become more and more important, and the ground covering materials have also received more and more attention. From business meetings, banquets to celebrity parties, high-quality carpets are an indispensable element.

Carpet has both practical value and artistic decoration effect. It can be heat-insulating, sound-proof and anti-noise, anti-rheumatism, elastic and comfortable to the feet, and it has the kind of nobility and gorgeousness that other materials can hardly achieve in interior decoration. , Beautiful, pleasing atmosphere. Carpet has become an important material for modern architectural interior decoration.


1. The color and performance are commensurate with the application occasion. For example, anti-fouling and wear-resistant carpets should be used in the passageway, and chemical fiber carpets or wool carpets with softer texture and gorgeous appearance should be selected in the living room.

2. On the basis of comfort, the beautiful environment will make people linger. The carpets are rich in style, bright in color and unique in pattern, which will make the overall effect icing on the cake.

3. As the saying goes, star hotels, different star hotels have different decoration requirements

4. Choose according to the function of the area, whether it is a carpet in the guest room, a corridor carpet, or a restaurant carpet. A complete hotel project is composed of many different areas, and the selection of carpets used in each area should also be considered to echo it

1. Lodging resistance: Lodging resistance refers to the property that the carpet is not easy to lodging.

2. Strong color fastness: Color fastness refers to the ability of the carpet to maintain its color under the action of light, water washing, and various cleaning agents.

3. Antistatic property: antistatic property indicates the electrostatic accumulation and discharge performance of chemical fiber carpet surface due to friction during use. In the production process of nylon carpet, antistatic carbon filament is added,

4. Pull-out resistance: The pull-out force of the fluff determines whether the carpet is easy to shed. The greater the pull-out force, the less likely the carpet is to shed.

5. Pollution resistance: The stain resistance and dirt storage of nylon carpets are mainly determined by the structure and properties of the fibers on the carpet surface and the structure of the carpet surface.

6. Abrasion resistance and heel friction resistance: heel friction resistance is to simulate the friction performance when the driver uses the accelerator pedal, brake plate and clutch pedal when the heel steps on the carpet. Rub 10,000 times in a dry state and 3,000 times in a wet state, and the product does not shed hair.

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