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How should the commercial carpet tiles be laid

How should the carpet be laid? Now, laying carpets is becoming more and more popular in home and office decoration, but many people don't know the correct way to lay carpets. The editor has collected some relevant knowledge here, hoping to bring you some help:

1. First measure the office, check the flatness of the ground and whether the corners are flat, and trim them.

2. Measure the size, choose the starting position, and use the ink fountain or string to bounce the thread.

3. Play the thread well, and apply water-based glue specially designed for carpets on the ground. It can be applied spot-on or full-on with a roller. It needs to be painted evenly. After brushing, the water-based glue needs to be left to dry for 5-10 minutes, and wait for the water-based glue to become Only when it is transparent can it be viscous, and then pave it.

4. The office carpet tile is paved from the elastic line. In order to avoid paving mistakes, the direction indicated by the arrow on the back of the carpet should be followed when paving. It can be paved in the same direction, or cross paved horizontally and vertically, or in a well-shaped pavement. , Long carpets can be misplaced paving or herringbone paving and so on.

5. When laying office carpets, each piece of carpet should be aligned and squeezed in, and the carpet should be squeezed tightly with a carpet shovel, and the surface of the carpet should be flattened.

6. When the office carpet is laid to the wall or door, use a utility knife to cut off the excess carpet, and use a carpet shovel to flatten the edge of the carpet.

7. After the office carpet is paved, professional carpet trim strips are used to trim the door at the door to prevent the carpet from depilating and warping.

Through the above articles, have you mastered the installation method of carpets? If you want to know more about commercial carpets, please browse our website.

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